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Makprogres Ltd Vinica is an international company that draws its strength in the region in which it was founded.

The geographical triangle Vinicka Krshla, Crn Kamen and the locality Bel Kamen, with ideal altitude, climatic conditions, favorable soil and over 300 sunny days a year is one of the most favorable regions for growing vines.

Many top wine and wine specialists know about this region and the top quality of the vineyards in Vinichka Krshla, but so far this region was unknown to consumers. Makprogres as a leading local company actualizes this region as one of the top wine and wine regions and with the placement of Krшla wines brings the taste of this region to the most picky wine users. 

Makprogres Ltd Vinica

A few words about the company

Makprogres doo is a successful international company, located in the eastern part of Macedonia. From a small family business founded in 1990, Makprogres has grown into one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in Southeast Europe with exports to more than 55 countries worldwide.

  Selected Macedonian grape varieties, which are not found in other countries: Crn Kamen is a wine of the Vranec variety and Bel Kamen is a bucket of wines of the varieties Temjanika, Muscat and Жilavka - varieties characteristic for our region.


    Carefully selected wine grapes from the Kocani-Vinica wine region located in the Ovchepolje vineyard.

      New undiscovered taste, taste of the old legend about Vinica